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Copywriter & Content manager

Go Animals. 

Go Animals is a brand dedicated to spreading the love for animals and pets to its 6.8 million followers and selling pet products and supplies online

Managing the Vlog

Along with all my other responsibilities I was also in charge of writing (at least) 3 scripts a day for the company's vlog. Some even went viral and reached millions of people!


259k reactions | 7.9k comments | 42k shares


248k reactions | 7.5k comments | 38k shares


83k reactions | 5.1k comments | 13k shares

Working with Influencers

As the brand's content manager, I was in charge of approaching the owners of pet influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers and collaborating with them with fun contests and giveaways!

Biscuit The Cavalier | 47k followers
Mother of Dalmatians | 28k followers
Hudson B. Mason | 146k followers
The Adorable Teddy | 45k followers
Product Description

As the company's copywriter, I was in charge of finding each new product's USP and writing its description for the online shop.

Package Copy

I also wrote all the copy on the product packaging which really required thinking outside the box! 

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